Who ?

After my classical Greek-Latin school education, I moved on to the Publicity department of the Art school of l'Abbaye de la Cambre (Brussels) in 1959 and then to the department of Experimental Cinematography.
In 1962, I enroled at "LOUIs LUMIERE" (E.T.P.C.), Vaugirard street, in Paris, where I graduated in 1964.

Vaugirard1 Vaugirard2 Vaugirard3

After two periods of training at the TVA Studio (Dupuis Editions) in Brussels and MARTIN-BOSCHET in Paris, and some travels (Czechoslovakia, England, Italy), I worked as a cameraman for the French Ministery of Public Works and for SERIA studio in Paris.

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Then I emigrated in Switzerland where I worked as a cameraman-assistant for Yves Allégret in Geneva...

Allegret1 Allegret2 Allegret3

...as script-writer and cameraman at PROBST-FILM in Bern,...

Probst1 Probst2 Probst3

...as co-film director of the short film "OMBELLIFERES"...

Ombell1 Ombell2 Ombell3

...and as producer-director of the experimental short film "TROIS MINUTES" the original music of which was composed and played by Tucker Zimmerman.

3_minutes1 3_minutes2 3_minutes3

In 1969, I started the "STUDIO 16 35" in Geneva, specialized in optical printing.
I contributed to "Ciné-Journal Suisse" and worked as a special effects and technical adviser for Alain Tanner on his film "LA SALAMANDRE". I took care of its blow up into 35mm.

Salamandre1 Salamandre2 Salamandre3

In 1971, I set up STUDIO GAMMA and introduce in Belgium the American technique of optical printing under "liquid gate".

Since then, I have worked on blowing up Double 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm into 16, Super 16 and 35mm, as well as creating special effects on optical printer for many Belgian and foreign productions (see "References").

After a breef sojurn in California, I developed a drive system for animation equipment, controlled by computer and I built my own "liquid gate" to blow up Super 8mm into 16, super 16 and 35mm.